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13 inch Lamination Machine

  • Lamination Type: Thermal Pouch
  • Machine Type: Electric
  • Lamination Width: Upto 13 inch
  • Lamination Film Thickness: Upto 1 mil
  • Photo Safe: Yes
  • Number of Rollers: 4

CG-Tech is an established brand for Lamination Machines and have brought out many Lamination Machines with different features and specifications. The latest Lamination Machines from CG-Tech includes 13 inch Lamination Machine.

Let us look at the features available in the three latest Lamination Machines from CG-Tech . 13 inch Lamination Machine is available at Rs. 4500 and has features like Thermal Pouch Lamination Type, Electric Machine Type, Upto 13 inch Lamination Width, 4 Number of Rollers .

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13 inch Lamination Machine Rs. 4500